Why is backhand slice so important?

Backhand slice is one of the most underrated shot in the game of tennis. It is widely used on the highest level of tennis such as ATP and WTA tournaments. However, in the tournaments such as challengers, futures, and junior level, players tend to use much less. Why is this shot so ​ important ​


1. Change the rhythm of the point​ – Beside the volleys, it is the only shot in the game that has an under-spin on it. If hit properly, it stays low to the ground and forces an opponent to have a perfect preparation to stay competent in the point.

2. Defensive Slice​ – when a player is stretched out on the backhand side and has limited time to reach the ball, hitting a slice is a great choice to defend. Top players often hit a deep cross-court slice which gives them enough time to recover in a good court position.

3. Attacking Slice​ – can be used when a player is positioned behind the baseline as well as inside of it. It is a great choice to use it when an opponent hits a short low ball
→ slice is a perfect solution to pick it up and come forward to the net.

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